Success Cases

Success Cases

Xiaomi Introduction

“Born for enthusiasm” is the product philosophy of Xiaomi

With the spring up of domestic cell phone, the market share becomes bigger and bigger. The whole country has a high expectation on domestic cell phone. It not only has price superiority but also with high-performance. Various brands pay more attention on pre-sale and after-sale service quality and・・・For More Detail

Famous Bank in Beijing

Set up Inbound contact center and improve CRM 

Due to the pressure from Foreign Financial Institutions and non-profit organization , the financial industry faces the most challenging moment than before, and it is asked to enhance the competitiveness by effective means. If financial industry of China does not change its management view, extend the service scope, improve service means・・・For More Detail

Famous Food Production Company

Set up inbound and outbound customer service center

Intensive competitive both at home and abroad, the key factor for consumer industry facing is to offer outstanding service, improve customer loyalty and attract new customers・・・For More Detail

Famous Mobile Communication Company

Set the customer service center that support English

By advanced customer service center model, comprehensively improve service quality, more effective and rapid to serve customers, solve customer problem, inquiry , business・・・For More Detail

Famous Software Company

Build the customer database and strategic CRM

As the IT industry starts focusing on CRM and also improving service levels, they look for a well –experienced vendors to enhance the company reputation of the・・・For More Detail

Famous Automobile Company

Set up 7*24*365 customer service center

Provide the customers with personalized services, increase customer loyalty to the company, and as a result, customer service center of the automobile industry has been more and more important to vehicle manufacturers, auto dealers, auto repair operators, and foreign-fund automobile company・・・For More Detail

Famous Insurance company

Optimize CRM process, improve customer service level

Continuously enhance the application of insurance enterprises competitiveness in customer inquiries, service complaints, security services, business inquiries, loss, assistance service until the work efficiency and service levels are improved a lot・・・For More Detail

Large office supply manufacturer of Japan

The Funtalk system is adopted to establish instant network support platform

With development of call center service industry, the customer demand to enterprise service form and service quality is higher and higher, the traditional telephone support no longer satisfies the demand of final customer. High speed development・・・For More Detail

Hotspot hotel booking website

Optimize after sales tracking system

The exchange rate varies tourism mode, more and more people select overseas tourism, the travel consumption willing of tourists is in the rising trend. The sales growth of concealed channel of hotel booking sector・・・For More Detail

China's famous online tourism companies

Complaint treatment

According to indication of related data, in 2009 China'2 webpage game market scale was 990million RMB, in 2010 it was 2.28billion RMB, with a comparable growth of 131.2%. It is predicted that in 2013 it can be 5.04billion RMB・・・For More Detail