Xiaomi Introduction

Trends・Customer requirements


With the spring up of domestic cell phone, the market share becomes bigger and bigger. The whole country has a high expectation on domestic cell phone. It not only has price superiority but also with high-performance. Various brands pay more attention on pre-sale and after-sale service quality and achieve a breakthrough in service field. Strengthen their advantage to remedy weakness. Seek brand premium ability, profit ability, service ability, enhance intelligent internet management. It has already become the recognized breakthrough path in the future in domestic cell phone field.

Customer requirements

As the rapid development of Information Communication industry in the world, the demand of cell phone which is already become the major communication tool grows with each passing day. Nowadays, the requirement on mobiles becomes more and more intelligent and user-friendly. As the arrival of smart phone, we ushered a new era, new opportunity, and at the same time, we ushered a new challenge and difficulty as well. Smart phone has a higher requirement on customer relationship management. Xiaomi becomes so successful because it focuses on developing customer relationship management. Smart phone as a service industry, customer is the foundation of its survival and development. Good customer relationship management will improve customer’s loyalty and satisfaction. Customer relationship management has a profound influence on mobile industry.



95teleweb has many years operating management experience in mobile industry, and we can provide the following service and create higher value for customers.

  1. IB: Information inquiry, Pre-sale/after-sale inquiry, Complaining, Suggestions collection, Thank you call,Transfer upgrade handling.
  2. OB: Satisfaction survey, Repair survey, Customer information verification, Marketing activity survey, Fast repair survey, Post service survey.
  3. Online service: Mi fans interaction, Information inquiry, Pre-sale/after-sale inquiry, Complain suggestions, Post service inquiry, repair inquiry.
  4. Post service: Post greeting cards and table calendar.
  5. Mail service: Email from official website handling, Send out marketing activity email, holiday greeting message.
  6. Reports: Daily report, Weekly report, Monthly report, Regular overview report.

Customer Evaluation

“Born for enthusiasm” is the product philosophy of Xiaomi. Xiaomi pioneered the development of mobile operating system through internet mode and OS enthusiasts participating in the development and improvement. So, in normal using and service aspect, Xiaomi pay more attention on the interaction and communication between customer service center and end users. Customer service center run through Xiaomi personalized service management operation mode. The implementation of non-standardized process is very remarkable as well.
Xiaomi appreciates all the customer service center hotline stuffs’ hard work, your service is excellent. Cheer for yourself!