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Industry trends・Customer needs

industry trends

Due to the pressure from Foreign financial institutions and non-government organization ,the financial industry face most challenge than ever before it is asked to enhance the competitiveness by effective means. If financial industry of China does not change its management view, extend the service scope, improve service means, then it is difficult for traditional finance product to get new and keep steady growth of business effectiveness.

Customer needs

Let The sales rep generate the potential needs of customer by using call centre.



Build customer database,implement strategic CRM
For different demand we provide service inquiry complain proceeding and urgent process.

  1. Service introduction and inquiry
  2. Complain proceed and Emergency
  3. Auto payment debt collecting
  4. Service site checking
  5. Customer care

Customer Evaluation

95Teleweb customer services lift our company figure and now one step close to becoming larger and stronger customer services. Thanks to 95Teleweb well trained personnel, such as managers and operators, our contact center remains on the right track.