Large office supply manufacturer of Japan

Industrial development trend

With the development of call center industry, customer demand for service and service quality is increasing and traditional customer support services no longer satisfies demand of customers. At present, Online instant support has the highest demand. It provides high speed development of network and also boosts the response time. Furthermore, the cost of call center service personnel is higher and is bound to one person at a time.

Customer demand

With the current development in network system, clients demand not only call center services but also online instant support. Many end-users prefer in using online instant support for resolving their procurement, consulting, after sales services, etc.



  1. Funtalk system is adopted to establish instant network support platform.
  2. Interior is set by WEB special agent.
  3. multi-skill business share personnel are trained.
  4. Official website improvement for precise user access.
  5. FAQ accumulation for knowledge base.
  6. Online consulting support for questions or suggestions of pre and after purchase of products.


Labor-cost cutting and traffic volume optimization by line splitting.

Reduction of cost and average handling time for call inquiry customers and improvement of customers satisfaction.

Data analysis improvement by gathering data and feedbacks to customers.

Customer evaluation

Provision of online support not only provide lower enterprise cost but also benefits end-users. End-users can gain their desired answers without paying any cent of call charge.