Hotel booking website

Industrial development trend

The current economic growth of china, exchange rate, opens tourism larger opportunities. Needs for hotel reservation outsourcing rather than store reservation is increasing.

Customer demand

It is necessary for our client to raise customer satisfaction, popularity, brand name at the same time to carry out test marketing in the form of call center at pre-stage to do big investment to a system prior to increasing Chinese overseas tourists.



  1. Establish good customer relation, comment on the internet or web pages makes the call volume and reservations fluctuate.
  2. Through content of incoming call the market current situation is analyzed, provide to customer the effective suggestion, increase incoming call quantity and at the same time increase booking quantity.
  3. Optimize after sales tracking system.
  4. Positively explore external market.
  5. Enhance customer service agent training to gain customer by warmhearted service.


95Teleweb maintains zero complaints from its operation.

Increased commendation quantity from various channels as result of customer satisfaction improvement.

High quality service increased the customer relation and repeaters and positive gossip from the internet is increasing

Customer evaluation

Before cooperation: With the opaque status of China’s market, we invested on call center thinking primarily on cost . Decisive factor: Not only Japanese owned companies, we also considered western companies but 95Teleweb’s quality service and influence pulled us. After cooperation: Best performance of the company is made with the cooperation of planning and field management. Knowledge on primary needs of same industry company and end-users is the key on our success.