China's famous online game companies

Industrial development trend

In 2009 China’s online game market was 990 million RMB, in 2010 it reached 2.28 billion RMB. It is expected to reach 5.04 billion RMB in 2013. The game user count in 2009 was 15.5 million users and 25.2 million users in 2010. With the growth of 5 million gamers every year, it is expected to reach 61.3 million gamers in 2013.

Customer demand

Service channels: Instant online support (Chat), call, forum, mail and fax with 24/7 complaint channel, users consulting, bug fixes, voucher payments, suggestions, complaints, etc. New game testing, market survey, satisfaction customer service center is also required to establish effective information channel between game company and users.



Appropriate CRM for situational industry shall be made and processing various problems should be based on consumer’s demand. Focusing on problems of customer service industry like, such as problems of consulting, suggestion, complaint, game BUG, voucher payment, exception processing, etc, the perfect processing process and processing mode shall be gradually established, to improve processing efficiency of problem. The service process of voice, CRM platform, mail, fax shall be made to provide to game player various problem processing channels, and also provide to customer the information collection of multi channels.

  1. Customer service skill training for customer service representative
  2. Game progress monitoring for customer service representative
  3. Complaint treatment
  4. Satisfaction return visit
  5. Market investigation and survey
  6. VIP service


Satisfaction improvement of gamers

Problem processing improvement

Construction of game bugs reporting

Users data gathering improvement

Customer evaluation

With the improvement of communication and feedback structure, end-users loyalty increased and enhancement of inquiry flow increased the customer support satisfaction rate. We are looking forward on more advice and cooperation and provide VIP users continuous satisfactory services.