95teleweb Advantages

1.Rich experiences in business performance and leading in the industry

95Teleweb started its call center services in 1998. Our company acts as the pioneer and model of CRM services provider in China. Since establishment, 95teleweb gained over 300 business from more than 100 large enterprises. Having experienced operators with excellent service quality, 95Teleweb has great reputation all over China.

2.Has the biggest call center branch in Asia

Beijing as the Headquarters, we also have branches in Tokyo, Dalian, Hongkong, Taibei, Bangkok etc. supplyin high quality and diverse call center service

2.International quality management certificates

95teleweb passed ISO20000 certificate

SCP: Support Center Practices

This is a service quality standard established for all IT service support center which is over call center industry, mainly supply information, business consultation and IT tech support to our customer.

The first call center which hold PIPA certificate in Beijing

Beijing first obtain the personal information protection reliability authentication

CAS authentication

CAS is for all IT service support centers of a set of service quality standard, the industry center, beyond that provide information, business consulting and IT technical support.