customer service

Reduction of initial cost, operation and management cost. Peak and off-hours cost optimization

Case study –sales and marketing

Customer status

  • The cost of maintain business in mobile manufacturing and selling is very huge, and there is
  • unpredictable factor when our business is busy and scattered. which will result in higher maintenance cost.


  • The customer are getting more educated, customer service should be more important

Customer needs

  • Provide high class customer service
  • Cut down the high cost improve the efficiency of consultancy

95teleweb solution

【Make use of Business outsource and reduce cost】
  • Avoid employment risk
  • Centralized call centers in Beijing、Shanghai、Guangzhou、Changsha、Chengdu、Shenyang
【Build professional call centre】
  • Professional system and talents
  • Professional call centre management

95teleweb has multiple call centers all over China with network over Asia and help you get success with our world class service。

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