Contact Center Services

Inbound Service(Inbound)※

High quality inbound services from quality improvement to cost cutting

【Service examples】

  1. Customer Support
  2. Pre sales service
  3. After sales service
  4. Product value-added service
  5. Complaint Management

Outbound Service(Outbound)※

One-stop comprehensive service from market developing to customer satisfaction which offers market expansion

【Service examples】

  1. Market developing investigation
  2. Identifying potential customer
  3. Data updating
  4. Tele-sales service
  5. Customer satisfaction surveys

Online consulting service

We also provide online consulting services for online customers

【Service content】

  1. Customer Support
  2. Presales consulting
  3. After sales service
  4. booking
  5. Complaint Management


Multilingual agents and the largest contact service network in Asia-Pacific

We have established Contact Centers in Beijing, Dalian, Hefei, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taipei, Tokyo, and Bangkok. Our center offers services with major languages, such as Chinese, English and Japanese.

Service Models

On site

The client provides IT infrastructure and physical sites, and 95Teleweb dispatches qualified staffs and management expertise to client's office.

Off site

95Teleweb provides one-stop services including trained manpower , IT physical sites and responsibility to the operation daily management.

BOT(Build Operate Transfer)

We offer offshore services, with operation guarantee and grants propriety rights to customers.

12 years of operational and managerial experience with several successful cases

95teleweb is the first outsourcing contact center in China, and gained the national highest standard for administration and management experiences.

Successful Cases

Major Mobile Manufacturer

Set up after sales services and improved customer satisfaction

As the market competition getting more intensive, improve customer service quality, commit to offer highest quality after sales service, and increase our reputation, customer evaluation ・・・For More Detail

Major Bank in Beijing

Set up Inbound contact center and improve CRM 

Due to the pressure from Foreign financial institutions and non-state organization ,the financial industry faces the most challenging than ever before, and it is asked to enhance the competitiveness by effective means. If financial industry of China does not change its management view, deepen the service content, improve service means・・・For More Detail

Major F&B Manufacturer

Created inbound and outbound customer service center.

Intensive competitive both at domestic and abroad, the key factor for consumer industry facing is to offer outstanding services, improve customer loyalty and attract new customers・・・For More Detail