Data Entry Service

Data Entry service

Data Entry Service

Service provision by experienced staffs and professional data-entry team to ensure the accuracy and quality of data entry and be able to comply with complex data processing

【Entry Type】
  1. Data entry of various members application
  2. Network data collect,process
  3. A variety of electronic data,databases
  4. Data transformation to multiple formats
  5. Data origination of long documents

Data Entry Advantages

High speed mass data entry

We provide quality mass data entry with the help of 95Teleweb experienced data-entry staffs and has extensive networks in Asia-Pacific areas

Multilingual support: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean

To ensure entry accuracy, well-experienced staffs that speaks major languages such as Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean is assigned.

Data Accuracy and Data Safety Guarantee

Two different staffs will manually enter the manuscript and experienced staffs will double check the products accuracy through professional proofing system. 95Teleweb is the first PIPA Certified in Beijing. We set access control to different operational areas, install monitoring systems and prohibit external connections via server settings to ensure data security.