market research/information collection

Identification of market size, potential customers, generates leads through tele-survey and provides sales and marketing supports.
Provide sales and marketing support.

Case study-market research/information collection

Customer status

  • We have the actual record of Car purchased, but our customer count at the moment is 【0】
  • Wants to start Car business
  • Wants to start business targeting high class consumers.

Market ・Environment

  • No data、unknown market
  • Group of rich people increase、market size getting larger

Customer needs

  • Rapid expansion of business scale which increase the customer number
  • Set up VIP service system

Set up VIP service system

【 「Offence 」(Acquire customer) 】
  • Data gathering of target customers by survey
  • Conduct telesales to the target customer
  • Build call centre for customer acquiring
【 「defense」(take of the existing customer and build the brand) 】
  • Aiming the rich people ,provide the consultancy to them
  • Provide free and fast help, satisfactory survey, recall notice and check notice
  • Build a high quality call centre by routine quality control and feedback checking

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