order processing sales

Reduce the initial investment and operation management costs,
achieve cost-effective during peak / Off-hours .

Successful Cases of Order Process・Sales Service

Existing Situation for Customer

  • Lack of personnel and equipment in Food Manufacturing and Wholesales, and not all of the service transactions could be done.
  • Difficulty in managing Logistics


  • Peak and off- hour order frequency has a huge gap

Customers Requirements

  • Optimizing management of peak and off- hours for lowest cost possible
  • Flexibly adjusting personnel based on business volume
  • Further improvement of service quality
  • Understanding customer satisfaction

95teleweb Solutions

【Change the fixed cost to actual cost】
  • Adjust personnel staffing according to business volume
  • Reduction of initial expense
【Quality Improvement】
  • Professional Quality Management technique
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Post Service

95teleweb has multiple call centers all over China with network over Asia
and help you get success with our world class service。

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