Product and sales planning

Communication scale enlargement and sales improvement in shortest time possible

Case study-market research/information collection

Customer status

  • Software seller, the piracy impacted the sales
  • Difficulties in Managing the agents

Market ・Environment

  • Nation wide big market
  • Numerous Enterprises

Customer needs

  • Discover business opportunities, marketing size expansion and revenue improvement
  • Develop and build more agents,educate a bitch of good ones
  • Transparency on agents’ operation
  • Prevention of piracy transportation

95teleweb’s solution

Understand the nature of Chinese Market and create a hot selling scheme.
Market size enlargement and competency improvement

  • Discover and develop new client and potential client
  • Case follow-up
  • Regular customer feedback
  • Customer information management
  • Develop agents
  • Agents trainin and management
  • Follow-up management
  • Sales support

95teleweb has multiple call centers all over China with network over Asia
and help you get success with our world class service。

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