Communication Marketing

we provide product planning and sales. We Also provide sales and services through professional telesales centre。

Case study –sales and marketing

Customer status

  • High cost of maintaining business in mobile manufacturing and selling
  • Unpredictable business operation fluctuation which leads to much higher maintenance cost


  • As the customer are getting more aware of the market-environment, demand for higher customer service is increasing
  • Busy and non-busy hour call frequency has a huge gap

Customer needs

  • Provide high class customer service
  • Cut down cost and improve the efficiency of consultancy

95teleweb solution

【Make use of Business outsource and Cost-cutting】
  • Avoid employment risk
  • Charge by「incoming call volume」and「Case management」
  • Distinguish「business which can be outsourced 」and 「insourcing that should be done internally」
  • Centralized call centers in Beijing、Shanghai、Guangzhou、Changsha、Chengdu、Shenyang
【Build professional call centre】
  • Professional system and skill
  • Professional call centre management

95teleweb has multiple call centers all over China with network over Asia
and help you get success with our world class service。

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