Web Monitoring Service

95teleweb is using the combination of “dedicated system” and “professional staff” operation to provide web monitoring service to clients.

1、Web Monitoring Service

2、Advantages of our web monitoring service

1. Well experienced contact center that provides stable manual monitoring operation system
95teleweb has more than 15 years experience in contact center operations in China with more than 1500 seats capacity which provides 24 hours x 365 days seamlessly and stabilize monitoring service.

2.System exclusively offered by E-Guardian, a Japanese listed company and professional web monitoring service provider
Partner with E-guardian, Inc.(TSE Mothers: 6050) to provide web monitoring services in wide variety of languages “Social-Dashboard+” for business and report planning with fully participation and consultation. EG Inc. can provide highly professional business plan for you.

3、Service Pricing

Basic Package Plan
(Initial Fee $2000)
Service including:
1. Target website monitoring
  Our selected website such as all mainstream newsgroups in China, Weibo(Sina and Tencent), mainstream discussion forum, blog, wikipedia and video sharing platform
2. Monitoring classification
  Not more than 1500 items (extraction and judgment by using set of keywords) per month
3. Monitoring frequency
  24 hours x 365 days (Normally not more than 3 times per day, can be customize)
4. Report
  Daily report, immediate feedback (within 1 hour) for any urgent application found